The Java platform is multi-faceted, covering a rich diversity of systems, languages, tools, frameworks, and techniques. PPPJ'13 - the 10th conference in the PPPJ series - provided a forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss novel results on all aspects of programming on the Java platform including virtual machines, languages, tools, methods, frameworks, libraries, case studies, and experience reports.

The main topics were:

1. Virtual machines for Java and Java-like language support:
  - JVM and similar VMs
  - VM design and optimization
  - VMs for mobile and embedded devices
  - Real-time VMs
  - Isolation and resource control

2. Languages on the Java platform:
  - JVM languages (Clojure, Groovy, Java, JRuby, Kotlin, Scala, ...)
  - Domain-specific languages
  - Language design and calculi
  - Compilers
  - Language interoperability
  - Parallelism and concurrency
  - Modular and aspect-oriented programming
  - Model-driven development
  - Frameworks and applications
  - Teaching

3. Techniques and tools for the Java platform:
  - Static and dynamic program analysis 
  - Testing 
  - Verification
  - Security and information flow 
  - Workload characterization