Since winter semester 2017 / 18 universities at Baden-Württemberg are charging tuition fees to the amount of 1.500 Euro per semester for international students who are non-EU/EEA-residents. According to federal law there will be provided some exemptions.

In the form “Auskunftsformular der DHBW für die Beurteilung der Studiengebührenpflicht oder Studiengebührenfreiheit internationaler Studierender” (see at the end of this section) you will find a list of possible exemptions. If one of these exemptions will fit to your certain case, you are kindly asked to fill out this form (only provided in German!) and hand it in with all necessary documents that are required.

Please hand in the filled out “Auskunftsformular…” (if applicable) to the address on the form.

Incomplete requests, i.e. missing documents, will not be processed and will automatically lead to a liability to charges.

Note: Holder of a scholarship of Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (foundation) will be exempted of tuitions fees as long as they draw benefit of this foundation. As a proof of this exemption we ask you to hand in the corresponding note of Baden-Württemberg Stiftung to the below mentioned point of contact.

Payment Arrangements

All payment arrangements will be separately given in a specific payment notice which will be handed out as a written letter via mail. The tuition fees are due every semester according to date of payment given in the payment notice. Be aware that international money transfer could lead to additional fees by your financial institute that has to be considered.

The receipt of payment at the Landesoberkasse (LOK) is decisive.

Note: The "reason for payment" for tuition fees that has to be used for money transfer is different to the "reason for payment" for paying the administration and services fees. Your are asked to use the given reason for payment for paying the fuition fees.

Payment acknowledgement / bill

Tuition fees will be imposed by a payment notice which is valid throughout the duration of your study. This payment notice can only be issued to the student who is liable to these specific fees by federal law. A payment notice cannot be issued to a third party. Payment acknowledgements or bills will not be issued either, please use your bank receipt for payment verification.

Countries with high protection quota

The list of countries having a high protection quota will be subject to changes on regular basis. The following countries are having a high protection quota at the moment:

  • Eritrea
  • Syrien

Point of contact

DHBW Lörrach
Zentralstelle "DHBW Studiengebühren Internationale"
Hangstr. 46 – 50
79539 Lörrach
mail: gebuehren[at]
phone: +49-7621/2071-414
fax: +49-7621/2071-419

Links & Downloads

Note: The documents that you will find here as well as all payment notices or notices for tuition fee waivers will only be provided in German language. Following the link "Information about…" (see below) you will find a list of possible tuition fee waivers which are partly listed in the form "Auskunftsformular…" (see below).

Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (LHGebG) (only in German)
Information about Tuition Fee for International Students