High Academic Standards

Cooperative education comprises a great variety of high academic standards and advantage factors essential for efficient learning.

Individual Supervision and Support

Overcrowded classrooms or anonymity are not an issue at DHBW. Small classes of no more than 30 students guarantee close supervision and enable the use of modern teaching methods such as seminars, workshops, business simulations, empirical studies or computer-aided teaching. Being the key features of efficient learning, these conditions encourage motivation and contribute to successful learning outcomes.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

Courses are taught by full-time professors of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, associate lecturers from partner universities, as well as highly qualified specialists from partner companies and social institutions. Thus all teach within their field of competence, only cutting-edge expertise and up-to-date knowledge is provided to the DHBW students. This ensures a high level of academic standards, as well as field-related teaching.

Intensive Studies

Classroom learning and workplace training alternate in regular three-month-intervals, ensuring both pace and variety throughout all study programs. Due to the regular switch between theory and practice, the studies are explicitly intensive.

Nationally and Internationally Accredited Study Programmes

All of the study programmes at DHBW are both nationally and internationally recognized intensive degree programmes with 210 ECTS credit points. In 2011, DHBW was the first higher education institution in Baden-Wuerttemberg to be system accredited by the ZEvA, meaning the university’s internal quality assurance system in teaching and learning is suitable to ensure the high quality standard of its study programmes without the assistance of external accreditation agencies.

International Outlook

International outlook is a crucial aspect of the modern world education and extremely significant for a successful career start. Therefore, the university promotes cooperation with numerous companies, social institutions and renowned universities all over the world. With a great diversity of international students, the learning environment at DHBW has a distinctively international spirit.