Enrollment of international degree seeking students, who received their university entrance qualification abroad, is only possible after the assessment of equivalency. In order to have your foreign academic credentials verified, please hand in the following documents:

  • School-leaving certificate (e.g. Upper Secondary School Graduation Diploma, Baccalaureate etc.), including overview of subjects and grades.
  • Relevant proof of German language proficiency (please visit the page Language Proficiency for further detailed information)
  • Higher education entrance qualification certificate (if applicable)
  • Relevant proof of educational qualification obtained, e.g. degree certificate and/or university diploma (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of enrollment incl. transcript of all coursework completed and/or in progress of completion (if applicable)
  • Results of the qualification assessment examination /Feststellungsprüfung (if applicable).


By Post Only

All documents are to be submitted as officially certified copies (amtlich beglaubigte Kopien) and sent to us by post only. Please do not send us copies of academic credentials, transcripts or any other relevant documents via email.

Official Certification

An official certification can be provided by any public body or government agency that has an official seal (Dienstsiegel), for example registration offices (Bürgerbüros) or local registration offices of the State Residents’ Registration Office (Landeseinwohneramt). Officially certified documents always bear an official seal of the authority that performed the certification.

Average photocopies of the documents (i.e. copies that do not bear an official seal) or incomplete requests for the assessment of foreign academic credentials will not be processed. For further detailed information on officially certified copies, please see the Official Certification information leaflet*.

*Rechtlicher Vermerk: Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Freien Universität Berlin.


Documents in any other language but German, English, Spanish or French must be submitted as translated and certified copies. All translations are to be performed by an officially accredited (for example, state-certified) translator.

Change of Name

Should your current full legal name be different than the name shown on your documents, you must provide additional documentation proving the change of name (e.g. marriage certificate), translated if needed.


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For questions regarding the assessment of foreign academic credentials please get in contact with us:

Friedrichstraße 14, 70174 Stuttgart

+49 (0)711 / 320660-79
+49 (0)711 / 320660-66